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Selling Your Professional Services on the Web


eBook by Alex Eames

You know how, when you look at a translation you did 2 or 3 years ago, you think to yourself...

"I could do that SO much better now"

...well it's the same with writing eBooks. A couple of years ago I wrote...

How to Earn $80,000+ Per Year as a
Freelance Translator

...which has become the business handbook for freelance translators. My latest eBook...

Selling Your
Professional Services
on the Web

...takes things to a new level. It's all about how to use the web to sell more of your services.

I get a lot of emails from people saying how much they liked my first eBook and how much it helped them -- so many that I find it impossible to keep updating the testimonials page in a timely manner.

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What Will this eBook Do For YOU?

Selling Your Professional Services on the Web will show you my 7 major principles for successful web marketing of services. It will also show you How To...

  • choose a web-winning name
  • pick the best search keywords
  • define a goal for your web site
  • support clients more efficiently
  • automate your followup process and maximize your results
  • understand your ideal client
  • identify the best market segment to go for
  • value a client
  • profile your ideal client(s) to find more of them
  • see yourself as the client sees you
  • get great testimonials
  • differentiate between client wants and client needs
  • build credibility in an untrusting world
  • prove that you are worth what you charge
  • reassure prospects that you are the right choice
  • guarantee your work to increase your sales
  • position your business for success

...and How To...

  • prove & demonstrate your expertise without giving it all away
  • use automation technology to leverage your efforts
  • get paid for generating your own hot prospects
  • choose and use color effectively without a designer
  • rank prospects so you can spend time working on the best ones
  • save loads of time on email correspondence
  • decide whether to do global or local trade (or both)
  • legitimately stuff your site with keywords
  • legitimately use your competitors' names
  • design a profitable service site
  • pick components of a service site to suit your business

...and How To...

  • save time by using a page footer
  • leverage outspoken people in your favor
  • buy large numbers of ad impressions very cheaply
  • increase your link popularity without asking anyone
  • find sources of clients
  • add more than one stream of income to your site
  • get hold of quality traffic
  • advertise in forums without annoying people


A Couple of Other People's Opinions...


“Hi Alex,

I've just finished reading your book.
I enjoyed it very much, and I hope that I can put it to work.

I expected it to be high quality because of my previous purchases from you.”

Ian McAllister
3 Geebung Close, Sinagra
W.Australia, 6065



“Hi Alex,

I found your book...

  • well written
  • practical and
  • interesting
...(yes, it has lots of good tips).

I am currently using it to determine whether or not to pursue a business web site idea.

I wish you the best of luck.”

Ken Fagan
freelance translator based in France



“Dear Alex,

Thank you for your new ebook...

Selling Your Professional Services on the Web

I finished reading it yesterday.

The first basic impression is that this book is a tremendous work presented in the most readable form.

Since the end of 2002 I began to think over the necessity to sell my services via my own professional site on the Web.

I prepared myself for a long path in building the reliable and credible business site.

Your new ebook came in time. I think it helped me to save time and money since you answer most of my questions.

Your new ebook is my desk and desktop book now.


Sergey Rybkin UTR
English, French, German, Spanish to Russian translator

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Will It Help Me Find Direct Clients?

In the translatortips® forums, Wolfgang, one of our members asked...

“What Iíve failed to find so far, is sound advice on how to find and approach...
potential local corporate clients.

Is anyone out there who will share their 'trade secrets' with the rest of us?”

...I replied...

“The single best way to put yourself out there to direct clients is by using a web site. If there's one thing you must do, it is that.”

...then Wolfgang replied...

“Yes, of course, Alex!

You've given away the one best known secret that I wanted to keep to myself.


Our Survey Said... YES

In February 2001 we ran a survey that was answered by 1190 freelance translators around the world. It was one single question...

What is your BEST internet source of translation work?

5% of the responses chose their own web site as their best source of work.

But that was more than 2 years ago. The fact that anybody chose their own web site as their best source of work shows you that this is a very important way of attracting clients.

Now, a couple of years later, most top earning translators agree that their web site is their best source of new clients. These are the people who are getting it right. You can become one of them by using my techniques.


Getting New Clients - Most Common Problem

In another survey we recently asked translators...

What are your main frustrations and problems?

One of the most common answers was...

  • I'm a good translator, but I find it very hard to get hold of new clients
  • I need marketing help
  • I hate marketing by phone and networking in person.
    [I do too. I've turned down at least 3 offers to speak at major translator association conferences.]

...well here's the good news. If you build a good web site according to my methods, your need for marketing by these traditional methods will greatly decrease. I can't promise that you won't have to do any other marketing. That depends how well you implement the strategies in...

Selling Your Professional Services on the Web

...but there is nothing difficult about it, once you know how.


It's What You Do With It

Just having a 'brochure', 'CV' or 'résumé' type site is no longer adequate. You must have a site that makes your prospects want to hire you - gets them to pick up the phone and call you in a “ready to order” state of mind. Sounds great, but...


How Do You Do That?

Put simply, you have to get it right. You need...

  • the right approach to web selling
  • clear goals - a clear idea of what your site is supposed to achieve
  • clear ideas how to implement these goals
  • good, clean layout and design
  • the right amount of the right kind of people to come and look at your site (a good amount of targeted traffic)

...each of these is a huge subject and many publications have been written about them. I know because I've read most of them while building my online business. But none of these publications will tell you about selling professional services on the web. Why not? Because most people are like Wolfgang. Those who are successfully selling services on the web are either...

  • too busy earning great money, or
  • they want to keep it to themselves

...which is one of the reasons it took so long to get this ebook published. I've been too busy. I started writing it 3½ years ago, and had to update several parts because things changed while the ebook was in progress.


How Will it Help Me Sell My Translation Services?

Selling Your Professional Services on the Web will give you clear ideas of what you need to do in order to...

  • see things from the client's point of view
  • so you can understand how to appeal to them
  • so they can relate to the things you say on your site
  • so they will feel like you understand them (because you will)
  • so they will be much more likely to buy from you

...because they feel comfortable with YOU. This is the key to selling on the web.

Selling Your Professional Services on the Web will show you how to make your site visitors...

  • comfortable with you
  • hungry to choose you - even if you charge more than others you can get more clients, who pay better, and then pick and choose who you work for.


Will it Help Me Find Agencies, Direct Clients, or Both?

Both. But most of the clients coming to you using these methods will be direct clients. This means that you can charge them higher rates because you have 'cut out the middle-man'.

But you can have the best of both worlds if you have a separate area of your site aimed at agencies. (You may choose not to if you get enough direct clients.)


I've Already Got a Web Site, Why do I Need this eBook?

If your web site already generates many quality leads per week, resulting in thousands of dollars a year in sales, you may not need Selling Your Professional Services on the Web.

But even then, you will gain ideas that could turn a good income-producing site into an excellent one.

If your site does not yet 'produce the goods', Selling Your Professional Services on the Web will show you how to change it so that it does.


Do I Need Technical Skills?

No you don't. If you already have them, great. But if you don't, Selling Your Professional Services on the Web will show you how you can build a great service-selling site with no technical skills at all.


What Will My Return Be?

That's a tough one to answer. It depends how much you put into implementing the strategies and ideas in Selling Your Professional Services on the Web.

But think of your average translation project. For us, an average project brings in ~£200 (~$320). One such project per week would bring in over £10,000 (~$16,000) per year of new revenue.

Of course, I can't guarantee that. But I can guarantee that you'll get a full refund if you feel this ebook has not benefitted your business within 12 months.


So How Much Does It Cost?

Selling Your Professional Services on the Web costs £49 GBP (~$89). If you order right now you will be entitled to 3 free bonuses.

So order right now to take advantage of this offer...

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Selling Your Professional Services on the Web is 274 pages long and comes with the following bonuses...


FREE Bonus #1

Along with Selling Your Professional Services on the Web we're giving away a 10 day in-depth course called the 'Service Sellers Masters Course.' This is a 232 page eBook which you can read at your own pace. It fits so well with Selling Your Professional Services on the Web that it made perfect sense to include it in the package.


FREE Bonus #2 - Additional Income Streams

A great number of companies selling products on the web have their own affiliate programs. This bonus shows you how to generate revenue by referring web visitors to other sites.

The Affiliate Masters Course is another 10 day course which shows you how to benefit from referring traffic to others without harming your own business.

It's a 207 page eBook which you can use to earn an additional stream of hands-free income from your web site. It will teach you everything you need to know about affiliating with other web sites.


FREE Bonus #3

Automatic inclusion in our affiliate program. As a buyer of...
Selling Your Professional Services on the Web, you will be entitled to a 30% commission on sales of Selling Your Professional Services on the Web to people that you have referred to us. This serves to kick-start your additional income streams from your web site.

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Buy at My Risk - Guarantee

I am so sure that this ebook will help your business, that I am willing to let you buy it at my risk. If you don't feel that your business has been helped by buying and reading this ebook, you can request a full refund within 12 months of purchase.

Our refund rate on...

How to Earn $80,000+ Per Year as a
Freelance Translator a tiny fraction of 1 percent. The industry average for ebook returns is several percent. That should show that we always try to overdeliver on our products.

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Alex Eames - Author of...

  • How to Earn $80,000+ Per Year as a Freelance Translator
  • Selling Your Professional Services on the Web

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p.s. Remember that the cost of training/educational materials is a tax-deductible business expense in most countries - this makes it even better value.
p.p.s. I am donating 50% of all my profits from this eBook to Christian charity.


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