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Business Success for Freelance Translators

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Most translators love translating, but many want to be better business-people too. Translators who are good business-people earn far more than those who aren't. But even if you don't have a natural flair for business, you can learn how to be a good business-person.

Business Success for Freelance Translators will show you how to become a good business-person, so you can reap better rewards from your hard work.

But how do I know if it works?

Well you don’t need to take my word it. Plenty of other people have published reviews or comments about my work.

In June 2010, the New York Circle of Translators reprinted one of my articles on page 3 of the Gotham Translator.

In August 2010, ADÜ Nord, a German Translators' Association, reprinted another of my articles on page 5 of their Infoblatt.

I've been writing and publishing information about the translation business since 1999, when I wrote the original "How to Earn" ebook that has become a bit of a classic. Andrei Gerasimov, a top-tier Russian translator, even referred to it as his "bible" in issue 51 (January 2010) of the Translation Journal

“Alex Eames’ book “How to earn $80,000+ per year
as a freelance translator” became my bible, and indeed
it remains so, even though I exceeded this annual
bottom line a long time ago.”

I don't personally claim anywhere near that level of authority, but my eBooks have helped a lot of people improve their translation businesses and gain the lifestyle they want.

Business Success for Freelance Translators is the third edition of this eBook. I decided to rebrand it to get away from the "get rich quick" impression that some people feel the original title gave. It's not a "get rich quick" ebook, it's a "get smarter in business" ebook.

Kevin Lossner (German-English translator) reviewed a pre-publication draft of Business Success for Freelance Translators and had this to say in his blog...

“Although I suppose I could almost be counted as an “old pro” by now (well, “old” at least), I finished the book with a nice little to-do list of changes I need to make in my business marketing.”

...and also...

“...the structure of what I've seen and the updates to the content make this book as relevant to survival as a freelance translator in today's market as the original editions were when I started translating full time.”

OK, so what will it do for me?

The strategies outlined in Business Success for Freelance Translators will help you to...

  • build your freelance translation business on solid foundations to assure you a financially secure future
  • get your share of the 13% annual growth in the industry
  • have insight into a client's point of view
  • improve the success rate of your letter/CV/Résumé/email
  • market yourself more effectively
  • find ways to increase your value to customers
  • find online resources useful to translators

It's also written to be enjoyable to read as well as educational.



Business Success for Freelance Translators is written for...

  • Anyone considering becoming a freelance translator (e.g. career change, language students)
  • Freelance translators who feel they could be "doing better"

What's included in the bundle?

1. Business Success for Freelance Translators

145 page ebook in Adobe Reader PDF format (password protected, no DRM).

2. Access to a private website area where I have negotiated exclusive discounts for other products...

At the moment you can get a 25% discount on all AIT Software products including Translation Office 3000, AnyCount, Projetex and several other well known software applications for translators and translation businesses.


And if all that wasn't enough, you can add the cost of this package to your business expenses, which means the tax authorities will pay a large chunk of the cost for you.

So how much does it cost?

£25 GBP (~$39 USD, ~€29). That's about one hour's proof-reading. And you can buy it at my risk because, if it doesn't help your business within 12 months, I'll refund your money.

Business Success For Freelance Translators now and you can start reading it almost immediately.




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